Wednesday, July 3, 2019

England, New Zealand beat Pakistan 2019

England, New Zealand beat Pakistan
England, New Zealand beat Pakistan 2019

The World Cup series has now reached the final league games. All teams are currently playing their last league matches. The World Cup is set to conclude next week with league matches ending this week. England and New Zealand in today's match
The teams clashed. The England team went on a bid to win the match. At the Chester Lee Street Ground, England won the toss and elected to bat.
England, New Zealand beat Pakistan 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - England v New Zealand

Accordingly, Jason Roy and Johnny Borstow took the field. The two started off with a stunning start as the D20 played. Roy played a little more relaxed, but Barstow bleached at the other end. The New Zealand team used six bowlers to take their wickets. But nothing shook hands with them. When the team score is 123
Roy scored 60 and gave Chatner a catch in the all-round ball. Rudd then joined Presto. Perstow, who played well on the other side of the Root to showcase his natural form, recorded his second consecutive hundred in this World Cup series. Root was then dismissed for only 24 runs off the ball. After that, Barstow also bowled Henry for 106.

Butler was then joined by Captain Morgan, England's hitter. The pair did not last. Butler was disappointed as he scored only 11 runs. Stokes followed suit and returned to the pavilion shortly after the match. However, only Morgan, the captain of the team, was able to stand up and score runs. Vox on the other end, Adil Rashid
England, New Zealand beat Pakistan 2019

All players were bowled out for a few runs. Morgan also bowled Henry in the 42-run stand for Santner. In the end of 50 overs, England were bowled out for 305. New Zealand's highest ally, Bolt and Henry Tala, took two wickets each.
The team that got off to a good start was unable to take advantage of it. The team lost no wickets for the first 120 runs and lost only 8 wickets for the last 180 runs. This is why the score of 350 was reduced to 305.

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